Services we are often asked to provide

  • Google or Bing Ads development and management
  • Social Presence - LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram,  development and management
  • Outsource partner selection and management
  • Remote solutions
  • Technology comparison or selection projects
  • Website development, management or hosting
  • Reference platform definition or development

Projects where we've been able to help pilot or build

  • SOA quality module for Oracle’s Fusion middleware and SAP NetWeaver
  • Content Management System (CMS) development pilots.
  • Client Server website management tools automation pilots.
  • Online advertising and affiliate optimization studies.
  • Google Adwords automation and management tracking.
  • World-markets savvy small business catalog and cart
  • Market aggregation engine (vertical market long-tail sales).


Focus Your Dollars

We've always been a small shop.  We treat your dollars like they are our own.  We focus on what will make the most difference with what you have to spend.

Any modern Tool

We've worked on dozens of development and deployment platforms.  We don't limit you to using only our favorite "hammer." We seek out the best current tool or practice for every job.

web Services, Local Service

We build web based services, if that's what you need, working with you to personally craft the right simple-to-manage solution.

Years of experience
Projects Completed
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Stephen is always plugged into the relevant information flows--both inside company walls and outside. Consistently, Stephen was always thinking one or two steps ahead of where we were currently focused, and in so doing kept the product development team properly focused on relevant issues and market needs.

Don E
Don E Chief Architect

Stephen has improved just about every area of our company. From creating teams to manage the various areas of our operations to helping us standardize the communication and hand-offs between those teams, to mentoring and growing us as individuals.

Chris R
CHRIS R Senior Architect

Stephen’s mastery of business, marketing, finance, human resources, operations and technology--coupled with his outstanding leadership skills—steered a technology company from near obscurity into a profitable and viable competitor in its market.

Traci T
TRACI T CX Transformation Leader